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Paul Beckmann

Dr. Paul Beckmann is the founder and CTO of DSP Concepts, a company that specializes in tools and IP for audio product developers. He has many years of experience developing audio products and creating algorithms for audio playback and voice. Paul is passionate about teaching, and has taught industry courses on DSP, audio processing, and product development. Prior to founding DSP Concepts, Paul spent 9 years at Bose Corporation and was involved in R&D and product development activities.

Demystifying Beamformers

Lately there has been a resurgence of interest in beamformers following the success of the Amazon Echo. This talk presents beamformers in a simple-to-understand and straightforward light. You'll understand how the number of microphones and geometry impacts performance. The importance of microphone matching and SNR, and even how to create steerable arrays. The talk has a minimum of math and an emphasis on practical applications. Although the focus is on audio, the techniques presented extend to other applications such as RF.

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Live Q&A Discussion - Demystifying Beamformers

Live Discussion with Paul Beckmann following his talk titled 'Demystifying Beamformers'

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