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John Edwards

John Edwards is a DSP, AI, ML and Embedded Systems Consultant. He has worked as a DSP Engineer since the early 1980s, including wireless and digital communications, control, automotive, IoT and Machine Learning, working for companies such as Loughborough Sound Images, Motorola, Picochip and XMOS Semiconductors. Since 1993 John has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford, presenting the annual Summer Engineering Program for Industry. He is a member of the IET, IEEE and regular contributor at international DSP conferences.

Frequency Domain Signal Processing

Frequency domain signal processing is not just about using the Fast Fourier Transform for calculating a power spectrum, it is also a very efficient method of processing signals compared to traditional time domain techniques. This presentation will describe several common frequency domain algorithms and show how they are used. Examples will include Frequency Domain Filtering, Time Delay Estimation and Interpolation; and more.

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Live Q&A Discussion - Frequency Domain Signal Processing

This is a the live Q&A session for the talk given by John Edwards and titled 'Frequency Domain Signal Processing'

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