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Live Q&A Discussion - Multirate Polyphase Filters and Filter Banks, (GREEN Technology, also known as DSP Magic)

Fredric J Harris - Watch Now - Duration: 29:16

Live Q&A session with fred harris following his talk titled 'Multirate Polyphase Filters and Filter Banks'
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Score: 0 | 4 years ago | no reply

Dr harris, I appreciate you so much. At my company, all of our 902-928 MHz receivers for meter reading are based on your polyphase channelizer. My colleague has just completed a new implementation using Winograd (prime-factor) Fourier Transforms. We both owe you a debt of gratitude.

14:35:53	 From  Lungsi : Thank you Prof. Harris for the very entertaining and illuminating talk.
14:41:20	 From  Steve Bragg : dr harris, my company is indebted to you.  All our receiver products are based on your polyphase channelizers.  We are leaders in our industry (water metering), but we learned all this from you.  It is a pleasure participating in this Conference, and hearing your talks.
14:47:47	 From  Mike Kloos : Thank you Prof. Harris.  It was an excellent talk.
14:47:47	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Spartan?
14:50:41	 From  Brewster LaMacchia : Thank you for the great presentation. Please let us know on DSPRelated when the 2nd edition of your book can be ordered.
14:51:01	 From  John Weiss : is this correct? fjharris@ucsd.edu
14:52:20	 From  mikem : ACAPs have AI Engines; vector processor + scalar processor
14:53:11	 From  Arthur Lobo : VC1902 has 400 AI++ tiles
14:53:21	 From  Stephane Boucher : yes, email address looks good to me
14:53:48	 From  mikem : https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/white_papers/wp506-ai-engine.pdf
14:56:30	 From  محمد مبین : FMCW radars
14:56:31	 From  محمد مبین : ?
14:59:42	 From  Adam Atherton : thanks you
14:59:43	 From  Shada Sharif : Thank you
14:59:44	 From  mnapier : Thank you!
14:59:44	 From  John Edwards : Thanks you very much