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Fast Track to Designing FIR Filters with Python

Dan Boschen - Available in 12 days, 20 hours and 38 minutes (2021-10-06 10:00 EDT)

Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are the more popular of the two main types of digital filter implementations used in DSP applications. In this workshop, we will go through best practice approaches for optimized FIR filter design and implementation using the free and open-source Python programming language. This will include the common techniques for going from filter requirements to practical implementation and demonstrate both creating FIR filter designs as well as evaluating filter frequency responses using the Python language and its signal processing library.

This workshop will include:

  • Complete setup to get Python up and running for signal processing applications.
  • Summary of the high-level approaches to FIR filter design – which are best and why?
  • Fast track to using the signal processing library in Python for creating FIR designs.
  • The complete design flow for FIR filters from specification through verification.
  • Using Python for filter evaluation, including plotting magnitude and phase responses.
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