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Live Q&A with Laurent Le Faucheur - DSP/ML computing libraries for IoT

Laurent Le Faucheur- Watch Now - Duration: 25:09

Live Q&A session with Laurent Le Faucheur for the talk titled DSP/ML computing libraries for IoT
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11:34:33	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : Helium and Neon, will they be forever separate universes?
11:38:11	 From  Thomas Wagner : Is there any situation where implementing algorithms yourself rather than using CMSIS might still provide value? In other words are there domains where CMSIS might not be the most helpful?
11:38:12	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : Thank you, didn't know you could compile CMSIS for Neon, cheers
11:42:51	 From  John Phillips : I applaud ARM's avoidance of memory-bound limitations in their development of the CMSIS-DSP libraries. It is an impressive effort to place these libraries on small sleepy Cortex M series devices and 16-bits also. How many MFCC coefficientss can be accomodated ?
11:45:39	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : Microcontrollers with CMSIS are present in smartphones as "Contex Hub" or "Sensor Hub" (never really understood the difference). I've always been curious but always found hard just to get started. Root access on Android was needed for example. Vendors like Qualcomm do things differently, with their own embedded fixed point DSP. Do you know anything about software tools for Sensor Hubs?
11:57:41	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : Merci beaucoup!