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Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Peter McLaughlin - Available in 13 days, 22 hours and 34 minutes (2021-10-07 13:00 EDT)

In 2016 the Google supercomputer AlphaGo beat the world champion of the board game Go, a highly complex mathematical game. This milestone demonstrated the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and set the scene for new technologies which are now transforming our lives, from the way we drive to the way we buy clothes. Thanks to recent advances in graphics acceleration hardware and neural network development tools, the benefits of Artificial Intelligence are within reach for any business. This presentation introduces the underlying theory of Machine Learning and Deep Learning and explains how to practically apply it. Topics covered include the training process, model types, development tools, common pitfalls and real-life examples. Attendees will walk away with a kick start to help them apply Machine Learning and Deep Learning in their projects.
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