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Live Q&A Discussion - High Resolution Spectral Analysis Using Channelizers

Ric Losada - Watch Now!

Live Q&A Discussion with Ric Losada following his talk 'High Resolution Spectral Analysis Using Channelizers'
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

17:23:11	 From  mnapier : This issue with FIR filters with audio is "pre-ringing"
17:23:38	 From  John Weiss : is anyone familiar with the http://www.vlsi.fi DSP chips?
17:24:49	 From  David Melinn : Beat and rhythm detection use channelisers  
17:25:29	 From  Evan : Analog SigmaDSP are very easy to use.. $$ on the BOM cost though.
17:26:55	 From  Shada Sharif : Thank you