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Live Q&A with Ric Losada - Convolution: A Practical Review

Ric Losada- Watch Now - Duration: 24:02

Live Q&A session with Ric Losada for the talk titled Convolution: A Practical Review
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No comments or questions yet. Will you be the one who will break the ice?

17:13:46	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : Notch filters are single pole IIRs
17:14:03	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : DC blockers, right?
17:15:56	 From  Stephane Boucher   to   Radu Pralea(Direct Message) : These seem to be something wrong with your audio
17:17:11	 From  Michael Kirkhart : High pass filters are typically used for DC blocking applications.
17:20:52	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : Great talk, loved last year's one too!
17:21:23	 From  cblo : very good talk, thank you
17:22:09	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : Since when has GCC been doing auto-SIMD? must have missed that!
17:22:35	 From  Thomas Wagner : Is that trustable vs assembler?
17:22:58	 From  cblo : btw the DSP system toolbox is quite furnished, good work
17:25:21	 From  cblo : I swear I'm not from your team
17:25:53	 From  Darkphibre / Amity : Thank you very much!
17:26:07	 From  Thomas Wagner : Thank you!