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Live Q&A with Chris Bore - An Acoustic Camera

Chris Bore - Watch Now - Duration: 31:04

Live Q&A with Chris Bore - An Acoustic Camera
Chris Bore
Live Q&A with Chris Bore for the talk titled "An Acoustic Camera"
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Score: 0 | 1 year ago | no reply

Chris, a question: You say at the very end that you don't care about the distance, it's the direction that you care about. Maybe the question you were answering wasn't fully stated, but I'd thought the point of coloration in the soundscape to reflect distance was one of the driving factors, and the reason for looking at phase shift. Could you elaborate?

10:03:04	 From  John Phillips : As a radar engineer, I know God placed a head with sound-absorbing skin and hair between our 2 sensors. Have you trie resulkts after placing a sound-absorbing grid over your 4 x 3 array ?
10:04:53	 From  Timothy Young : Start with a 1-D array and get that working first. Also agree with what John is saying about having what we call an infinite baffle behind the mics.
10:05:23	 From  Leonard   to   Stephane Boucher(Direct Message) : did you get my msgs on LinkedIn?
10:05:48	 From  Stephane Boucher   to   Leonard(Direct Message) : I did.  I will respond later
10:08:26	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : What kind of microphones are you using? Most mics I find only record in the human audio range. It'd be cool recording near 400KHz in order to build a bat detector. See https://www.openacousticdevices.info/audiomoth
10:13:35	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : Thank you, how do you go from real to complex? hilbert transform?
10:13:43	 From  John Phillips : Adafruit have similar $US7 mike+preamp.
10:14:28	 From  Michael Kirkhart : Here is a link for a potential substitute for the microphone used in this project: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1713
10:23:55	 From  rakhel : I heard your sensor is detecting the distance of the sound source from your detector is that right ? my understanding is you are just detecting the direction of the sound source and not the distance
10:32:18	 From  Leonard : don't fool yourself to me = don't drink you're own coolaid
10:33:16	 From  Emanuele Ziglioli : thank you!